Care and Welfare

Reverend Newman together with a team of volunteers from the community will tend to the welfare and pastoral needs of our members.


If you are aware of any member who is unwell or who would benefit from support of any nature, please inform the Shul office 020 8629 2780.


You can also contact Reverend Newman directly on 07882 054 321 
or email 

Befrienders needed

Prior to the pandemic, we were being asked by some of our older members if they could have someone visit them on a regular basis and become a befriender. This is more important than ever with members having to self isolate because of the coronavirus pandemic. 


It is very important that we, as human beings, have contact with another person, whether to benefit their mental health, create a friendship or just having someone to talk to. Could you be this special person bringing some sunshine and positivity into the life of one of our older/vulnerable, valued and interesting member? 


At the moment all that would be required is to make a regular phone call.  However, once the pandemic is over it would be great if the befriender could visit instead of ringing but that decision would be made by the befriender and the person being called.


Please consider becoming a much needed befriender during such a difficult time. Lorraine can be contacted on: or call the office 020 8629 2780.

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